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Understanding your status as an American Citizen

American By Birth

Targeted Networking

Americans Restoring America

Our Veterans Affairs

AmVet Communications

Court watchers of America.

Court Watchers of America

Scriptural Revelations

Followers Of The Way

Audio/Video support for Statewide Communications

Freedom's Tube

Gangster Bankster

Gangster Bankster

Fighting Predatory State Attorney Generals who misapply the Law

Gifting Clubs Unite

Abortion, Sodomy, Pornography & Secular Humanism as taught in the Public School System

His Bride Ministries

Home School Issues

Homeschool Communications

In support of local businesses.

My Hometown Jeweler

Social Networking site based off of ARA

My Social Network

Jurisdiction Explained and Understood

Once We Were Colonists

The Bill of Rights

Peoples Bill of Rights

Networking Families of those Imprisoned without JUST Cause

Political Prisoners of America

Targeted Networking

Statewide Communications

Judicial, Legislative, Executive Branch & Corporate/Commercial Accountability

Taming Tyrants

Tea Party Communications

Tea Party Communications

Fighting Predatory Homeowners Associations

The American Homeowners Resource Center

The planned destruction of America

The Planned Destruction of America

Fighting Predatory Banksters

They Stole Our Home

To serve and to proctect.

To Serve and To Protect

Trump Communications

Trump Communications

Sharing Pro Se Offensive Litigating Strategies and the Law

Your Remedy Is In The Law

Miscellaneous Clients
A More Perfect Union
Attorneys Anonymous
Committees of Correspondence
Dare To Work Smart
Debt Free American Money
Except Death and Taxes
Freedoms Radio
From the Consent of the Governed
Grassfire Communications
Immigration Communication
James Madison Show
Most Affordable Marketing
My Health My Business
Promise Keepers
Restore America Plan
The Solemn Assemblies
The Ultimate in Asset Protection
Truth Always Conquers