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83 DVD & Book

How to tax compensation: The Code Breaker DVD will lay out the Tax Code right in front of you to show a clear and organized structure with many restrictions on the IRS and with many protections for the individual. This analysis of the Tax Code was completed in 1994 and remains without refutation from the DOJ and courts.

The courts agree that 26 USC 83 "explains how property received in exchange for services is taxed." This manual about 83 will take you from the basics and fundamentals of compensation for services in relation to income taxation, and it will explain a view of the statute which the IRS cannot rebut or contradict, a view which sees the value of personal services in the category of cost and not at all in the profit or gross income category. A statute this important simply has to be understood by anyone the IRS may approach.

83 DVD & Book - $100
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