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IRS criminal complaint joinder

It's as easy as A - B - C -

The IRS and DOJ are on the ropes over issues they've faced for many embarrassing years! Make 2008 the year you get involved -

Each of these complaints convey that you're convinced the Tax Code imposes no duty of any nature upon you, but they also report crimes to Congress for you -

Misenforcement of the Tax Code across the board: The IRS and DOJ have only 26 CFR 1.1-1 and NO STATUTE which makes Americans liable for income taxes, as has been proven. Freedom & Privacy Committee staff members were falsely indicted for claiming deductions the law clearly allows. Complain about the crimes committed against them by filing this complaint. RICO violations were alleged to 80 members of Congress on 12/28/05 and they remain without refutation. The IRS' standard operating procedure violates many federal criminal statutes. If allegations of criminal misconduct are irrefutable, those who know of them must complain as required by law.

There are three (3) levels of Criminal Complaints:
1. Civic Level Joinder $150.00
This ground level joinder is you simply saying that you have read the criminal complaint and that you agree these crimes are taking place and you are fulfilling your duty to 'Report The Crime' under Title 18, Sec. 4 of the U.S. Code.
2. Mid Level Joinder $550.00
This level joinder is in addition to you agreeing with the Civic Level Joinder requirements, you are naming individuals as they are similiarly situated with your Instant Matter.
3. Full Level Joinder $1,000.00
This level joinder is not always available. This joinder, in addition to 1) & 2) requires 'live' updating and direct interfacing with an Information Provider.

*Remember Please: Plus $5 S&H with each order.