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Writing Citizens' Criminal Complaints

See Citizens' complaints from several states filed over wrongdoing by private individuals and public servants as well. In all of these instances NO comment was ever uttered as to such a complaint being improper or disallowed: DVD+R of 5 hrs and CD-ROM workstation! On 4/8/05 a hearing over a Citizens' complaint was held when a judge was named as a defendant by David Myrland for misconduct at a small claims trial he presided over. (See King County Courthouse, Seattle Division of District Court, 516 Third Ave., Seattle, WA 98104-3273, Rootvik v. Nault, #CR-Y-4-SD-1004 - Petition for hearing - Citizen's criminal complaint in WORD ). When you're familiar with your state's criminal code there's no telling what crime you'll catch a public servant in the middle of.

Writing Citizens' Criminal Complaints - $175
*Remember Please: Plus $5 S&H with each order.